Assorted candies, 150g

  • Assorted candies, 150g

    Code: 41300011

    Assorted candies, 150g

  • Assorted candies , 150g

    • Natural product
    • Does not contain E-substances
    • Does not contain dyes
    • Handmade
    • Dried at low temperature
    • GMO free 

    Product ingredients: sugar, berries, fruits and vegetables in varying proportions (cranberries, quinces, rhubarb, pumpkins, blackcurrants, apples), lemon juice. 

    100 g of the product contains: energy value 1496 kJ/352 kcal; Fat 0.6 g (including saturated fatty acids 0.1 g); Carbohydrates 84 g (including sugars

    71 g); Protein 1.2 g; Salt - of natural origin 0.05 g.