Matcha Bowl "Taiki"

  • Matcha Bowl "Taiki"

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    Matcha Bowl "Taiki" 

  • Matcha Bowl "Taiki" 

    This beautiful matcha bowl convinces with simple elegance and its attractive price!

    Visually, the cream-colored base tone forms a harmonious contrast to the elaborate surface finish in brown Reactive Glaze.

    This is characterized by the fact that individual and multifaceted color gradients of the glaze are created during the firing and oxidation processes, which make each item unique and give it an exciting look.

    The flat bottom of the bowl allows for a particularly optimal and comfortable preparation of the matcha.

    To do this, simply fill about 1 g of matcha per 100 ml of water in the bowl and add 80° warm water according to the selected amount.

    The bowl is suitable for preparing a maximum of 400 ml of matcha. Now whisk the tea with a bamboo whisk for about 15 seconds until frothy.

    Then enjoy your freshly prepared matcha directly from the bowl. 


    Suitable for microwave;