Oolong tea

  • Oolong tea is a partial fermentation tea. Its homeland is China, but in terms of the quantities produced, Taiwan is not far behind it.

    According to the technology of production of Chinese oolong, it is important that the leaflets are not harvested too quickly, and after harvesting them, they must be processed immediately. The plucked leaves are cured in the sun, after which they are lightly shaken in bamboo baskets so that the edges of the leaflets rub and soften. Then they are shaken out and evenly distributed on trays to dry until golden. 

    The edges of the leaves turn brown, as the chemicals of the rubbed leaf react with oxygen - fermentation (oxidation) occurs. The fermentation process is stopped after 12-20% of the time of full fermentation, heating the leaves at high temperatures. 

    Taiwanese oolongs ferment longer, so the tea is darker than the yellowish Chinese oolong tea. Oolong teas are often naturally flavored with the addition of various petals (jasmine, chrysanthemums, ottomantus and pa.) and essential oils.   

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