White tea

  • White tea is prepared in very small quantities. Mainly in the province of Fujian, in China, a little in Sri Lanka, Malawi, India. For tea, only young unfolded buds (In Jen) or buds with the first leaf (Bai Mu Dan (white peony) are harvested. 

    After the first sorting – cleaning, they are slightly watered, treated with a high temperature and dried. Easily twisted buds have a silver color, so they are often called silver needles or silver "tips". White tea is the least affected by the processing process, and therefore retains the most valuable properties. 

    The drink has a very light yellowish color, a mild, somewhat sweet taste, a delicate aroma. 

    Most often, when preparing white tea, it is necessary to pour filtered boiled and cooled to 70 °C water. 

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