Tin "Rustic Flower", 150 g

  • Tin "Rustic Flower", 150 g

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    Tin "Rustic Flower", 150 g 

  • Tin "Rustic Flower", 150 g  

    This exotic design takes us to the wild and untamed nature of tropical landscapes.

    Whether the tempting scent of hibiscus or the bright green of rainforest leafs, the lush vegetation is a feast for the senses, lifts the spirit and fills the heart with joy.

    And this beautiful energy also reflects in the enchanting design of the "Rustic Flower" tin.

    It creates a charming paradisal scene and shows the breathtaking beauty of tropical flora.

    And here the single leaves and blossoms in the design are decorated with fine floral ornaments that show great attention to detail.

    In contrast, the matt black background builds the perfect canvas for the bright colours, allowing them to unfold their full optical power and charisma.  

    Capacity: 150g.

    Dimensions: H 11.7 cm, Ø 7.5 cm  

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