• GURMAN'S GUARANA, green tea

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    GURMAN'S GUARANA, green tea

  • GURMAN'S GUARANA green tea

    Invigorating green tea is enriched with energizing and useful guarana powder. 

    Guarana is a plant common in Venezuela and northern Brazil. Guarani tribesmen used this plant for halibut, considered it magical and used it for laxative ailments and restoration of strength, it was from this genus that the name of the plant originated. The main component of this plant – guaranin – is chemically similar to caffeine, it energizes, helps to overcome fatigue, can increase blood pressure. Green tea is refreshing, rich in catechins, which act as antioxidants, protect the body from free radicals, protect against colds and regulate blood pressure. Also, green tea energizes, but it contains less caffeine than in coffee, so tea affects the body more evenly and there are no energy jumps and fatigue after them.  

    Ingredients: Green tea, flavouring, sunflower blossoms, guarana seed powder.

    Preparation: 1 tea spoon; 70 - 80 ⁰C; min. 2 - 3.